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MRI Operator Notebook

Templated Magnetic Resonance Imaging Operator Notebook for Technologists, Radiologists, MRI Students, Physicists, Lead Technologists and Supervisors. For clinical and research use.





Decrease stress, ensure job security, decrease mistakes and miscommunication. Reference common policies and procedures to be more secure and effective in your job. Spend less time finding critical information

Become an expert in MRI, support your operation with technical advice and safety clearance suggestions. 

Ensure continuity and consistency, increase quality, improve safety, decrease liability. Decrease employee burnout and increase physician satisfaction

Organize site specific information into one notebook, show your potential future employer your dedication and attention to detail. Spend less time reviewing site specific information and referencing scanning related content 

Organized into 7 sections for easy, intuitive access and information centralization. Contents includes:

  • Contacts Notes – General categorized contacts template and specific device vendor contact information template for MRI operators to fill in and reference.

  • Contrast Notes-Template with contrast name, dosing, indication, contraindication and injection rate for operator to fill in and reference. Template pages for contrast reaction workflow, renal function workflow and contrast infiltration workflow. A sample general dosing calculation chart including both pounds and kilograms.

  • Sequence Safety Notes- Reference of common sequences and safety profile associated with them.

  • Device Safety Notes- Template with device and conditional status template including magnet strength, coil, time limit and other conditions for operators to fill in and reference. 

  • Protocol Notes- 29 templated pages for complicated protocols which include sequence, thickness, spacing, FOV, matrix coverage and angle. Template to be filled out by the operators and referenced during scanning.   

  • Equipment Notes- Template with equipment information which include bore size, weight limit, PACS identifier, password and username, vendor, model, software level, slew rate, spatial gradient, coil list, and sequence options for each MRI scanner. Template to be filled out by the operators and referenced during scanning, scheduling and implanted device safety clearance.

  • ACR Phantom Scan Notes- Templated page with information related to weekly ACR phantom scan notes for operator to fill in and reference during phantom scan.

  • Sequence Parameter Notes – Template with pulse sequence specifics as they apply to facility specifications and radiologists’ preferences. The template includes TR, TE, Bandwidth limits, flip angle limits, utility, drawbacks and variants for operators to fill out and reference during scanning.    

  • Cross-Vendor Notes- Cross vendor nomenclature reference for most common sequences and scanning parameters.

  • Policies and Procedure notes- Template for attendance policy notes, safety policy notes and other policies for operators to fill in and reference.

  • Other Notes- Blank pages for additional notes.

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Winter Ice

4 Distinct Themes

Summer Mint

Fall Coral

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Pacific Spring

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